Founded in 2017 by two respiratory clinicians following 11 yrs of NHS-led and funded research.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of people with COPD through life-changing digital predictive solutions that prevent 50% of COPD-related hospitalisations and re-admissions.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in personalised prediction and prevention of COPD exacerbations: making a difference to the lives of people with COPD

Our Evidence

Clinical studies demonstrated 97% reduction in hospital admissions using predict to prevent intervention as part of proactive self-management.

Our Partners

Patients, clinicians, hospitals, policy makers and Industry provide a robust eco-system to ensure our products remain cutting edge and competitive.

“COPD is third leading cause of death worldwide, exceeded only by heart disease and stroke.”

“COPD is  second major cause of unplanned hospital admissions accounting for 12% of total admissions.”


NEPeSMO offers unique digital bio-clinical remote monitoring for prediction and prevention of exacerbations. Our products have been co-designed with patients and are bespoke to our target market. Proprietary prediction algorithms are constructed from time-series data on symptoms, lung function and biomarkers in blood/saliva supplied by patients using a bespoke App that connects wirelessly to monitoring devices.

What Our Patients say

Direct quotes from COPD patients using our Predict to Prevent intervention.

Co-Founder & CEO
Monica Spiteri

Respiratory physician with 30 yrs+ experience working in the NHS. Named inventor on patents. Held executive leadership roles in European Respiratory and British Thoracic Societies. External advisor, EC Horizon 2020 Personalising Healthcare and various pharmaceutical companies.

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer
Neil Patel

Respiratory physician, named inventor on patents. 10 years’ experience in managing project finances/records and research background in saliva diagnostics and prediction algorithm construction.

Chief Technical Officer
Atif Syed

Experienced founder of UK start-up SW company. 15 years+ experience in innovative software solutions and specialist in AI and IoT driven applications in healthcare.

Non-Executive Chairman
Trevor Phillips

30 yrs+ experience in pharmaceutical industry, including extensive corporate development roles. Was ex-COO Vectura Group PLC, playing key role in Activaero GmbH acquisition & Skyepharma merger. Currently, CEO Open Orphan Plc.

Non-Executive Board Director
Roger Heerman

Extensive US and international commercialisation experience in a number of senior roles, including vice president sales and marketing of the US publicly held company Critical Therapeutics, Inc. and vice president, director of client service at McK Healthcare. Currently, EVP of Commercial and Business Development at Vectura Group plc.

Latest News

RemoteCovid Launched

13 April 2020 – We are thrilled that the NEPeSMO team has successfully delivered a digital web- based solution, RemoteCovid, within 4 weeks. This is free for use to all people living in the UK to help them self-monitor and communicate progress reports with their healthcare team or others as and when required. (www.remotecovid.co.uk)

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76 King Street,

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Registered Address

Mutual House,

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